About us

AGHAJANI family started to its business activities with shoe industry in 1967. group entered into adhesive and sealant market with shoe glue by new sub-group company that name is ESTEHKAM. It started activity on 1993 in Jamkaran plant in Qom. Then after construction revolution in Iran and also extending of products, machineries and capacities, new plant started on 2016 in Shokoohiye industry zone.Company has adopted a mission to focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality products and has achieved a leadership status in the market.

Today, ESTEHKAM deservedly presents IRAN in global market of building, industrial and general glues, in more than 50 products in base of Silicone sealant, Cyanoacrylate,one component Polyurethane,Polyvinyl acetate, ... Now, ESTEHKAM exports to 25 countries around the world including Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany, Venezuela, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Afghanistan and etc.

ESTEHKAM is an industrial producer, operating with ISO 9001 since the year 2000.