Super Glue

Super Glue

SanaFix ® 3gr, is Odour free super glue which is easy to apply, adjustable within 15 seconds (depending on material, humidity, and quantitiy of glue applied), thus does not instantly glue fingers together. Solvent free and odour free. Ideal for smooth surfaces.

It Glues many plastic materials, porcelain, ceramic, metal, wood, rubber, styrofoam. Not suitable for leather clothing, PE, PP.

Surfaces to be stuck together must fit exactly and must be dry and free of dust and grease.

Apply a thin layer of adhesive to one side. The thinner the film of adhesive, the stronger the bond.

Press the parts together immediately and hold in place for a short time.

Breathing upon the surfaces to be stuck will speed up bonding.

After use, wipe the applicator tip dry and close firmly. Will last longer if stored in a cool place.